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Ana María Klein. Social problems exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020   PDF

Tanja Mišlicki Tomić and Vesna Rajcevic. Directions and tendencies of migration of the population into urban areas of the republic of Srpska   PDF

Adrino Mazenda, Tinashe Mushayanyama, Tyanai Masiya and Moreblessing Simawu. Cities, Poverty and Food: The role of municipalities in enhancing food security   PDF

DOSSIER: Topics on the trajectory of the Post-Socialist City

Ksenija Martinovic – Guest editor. Presentation PDF

Jana Brsakoska. Public space transformation in the case of “Skopje 2014″   PDF

Mehdi Belasri. Privatisation of a socialist mall in Sarajevo   PDF

Conor O’Dwyer. What is to be Done? Framings of Urban Populism in Prague and Warsaw   PDF

Anastasiya Matyushkina. “Force Majeure”: The Transformation of Cultural Strategy as a Result of Urban Shrinkage and Economic Crisis. The Case of Riga, Latvia   PDF

Zlatana Bogdanova. Memories and reflections on the “socialist” urban center   PDF

Melinda Harlov-Csortán. Transformation of former socialist industrial landscapes in Budapest   PDF

A. Romanova. Political Dynamics of Urban Hodonyms: A Case of Chisinau, Moldova   PDF


Moisés Muguerza-Espino. Experiencing Postsocialist Capitalism: Urban Changes and Challenges in Serbia by Jelisaveta Petrović and Vera Backović (2019)   PDF