Autumn 2000 Volume V Number 2

Michael A. McAdams and Jesús A. Triviño

Glenn Marchi and Salvatori Belardo
The Internet and learning organizations: Developing strategies for improving the rate of innovation

Jesus A. Trevino
Conversación con Osvaldo Sunkel

Patrico Aroca Gonzalez y Marcel Lufin Varas
Migracíon Interregional en Países en Desarrollo Bajo Reímenes de Mercado con Éspecial Enfasis al Caso de Latinoamérica

Nirmal Goswami and Joesph Jozwiak
Political and Environmental Challenges of Border Communities: The Case of Colonias in South Texas

Kristan S. Gleditsch and Michael D. Ward
Measuring Space: A Minimum Distance Database and Applications to International Studies
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