DOSSIER (Sustainability in Southeast Asian Cities)

Guest Editors: George Pomeroy and Amorn Kritsanaphan  

George Pomeroy. Introduction to the Special Issue on Sustainability in Southeast Asian Cities. PDF

Judith Bopp. Civil Stakeholder Engagement for Healthy Food and Mindful Living in Bangkok. PDF

Trang Thi Nguyen and Vilas Nitivattananon. Roles and Integration of Informal Waste Sector in Municipal Solid Waste Management: The Case of Transfer Facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. PDF

Vien Thuc Ha and Hieu Ngoc Nguyen. Urbanization and Challenges to Sustainable Urban Land Development in the Ho Chi Minh City Metropolitan Area. PDF


Pieter de Kock. Visual Creases in Urban Topology: High Streets as Visual Markers of Our Social. PDF

Arturo Ojeda de la Cruz, Ivan Escalante Ley, Jesus Quintana P., y Marco A. Ramos. Percepciones en la Motivación de los Trabajadores de la Construcción en Hermosillo, Sonora. PDF


Nirmal Goswami. Loss of Homes and Evictions Across Europe: A Comparative Legal and Policy Examination
edited by Padraic Kenna, Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, Peter Sparkes, Christopher U. Schmid; Edward
Elgar Publishing, 2018. PDF

George Pomeroy. Social Mobilisation in Post-Industrial China: The Case of Rural Urbanisation by Jia Gao and Yuanyuan Su; Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, U.K., 2019. PDF