Spring-Fall 2008 Volume IX

Spring-Fall 2008
Volume IX
(on-line first)*

Mehmet Karakuyu
Application of the Urban Realms Model to Istanbul

Verena Laschinger and Vivian Blaxell
Worldliness in Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories of a City

Michael A. McAdams
Complexity Theory and  Urban Planning

Richard Hartwig
Rationality, Social Science and Paul Diesing

Sheenagh Pietrobruno
Culture in the Digital Metropolis: Theoretical and Methodological Crossroads

Jesús A. Treviño
El Desarrollo de la Comunidad en la Planificación por Apoderado y el Nuevo Urbanismo

Alexi Danchev
Soft Social Infrastructure – An Instrument of Survival of Poor Populations in Urban Areas: A Case study of the Roma (Gypsies) in Bulgaria

 *Starting with this issue, Urbana will start publishing articles first on-line and later selected pubulications witll be published in printed form